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HS Pet Tincture 1000mg


Introducing our premium CBD Pet Tincture – the natural solution to enhance your furry friend's well-being and bring a tail-wagging balance to their life. With each 1,000mg bottle, your pet will experience the soothing benefits of 33mg of pure CBD per serving, carefully crafted to promote a sense of calm and vitality.

Effects: Unleash the power of nature with our CBD Pet Tincture. Specially formulated to cater to your pet's unique physiology, our tincture offers a myriad of positive effects:

  1. Calming Serenity: Our CBD-infused formula helps to ease stress and anxiety, allowing your pet to find comfort in any situation. Whether it's separation anxiety, loud noises, or unfamiliar environments, this tincture promotes a serene and composed demeanor.

  2. Joint Support: Watch your pet regain their playful spirit as the tincture's anti-inflammatory properties contribute to improved joint mobility and comfort. Bid farewell to stiffness and say hello to rejuvenated vitality.

  3. Enhanced Well-Being: Elevate your pet's quality of life as CBD fosters a sense of overall well-being. Enjoy the sight of your furry companion experiencing more relaxed interactions, restful sleep, and a brighter disposition.


Indulge your pet in a symphony of positive emotions:

  1. Relaxation: Experience the joy of seeing your pet unwind as the tincture gently eases them into a state of tranquility. No more restless nights or anxious pacing – just pure relaxation.

  2. Joyful Playfulness: Say goodbye to the days of aching joints hindering playtime. With the tincture's joint-supporting effects, your pet will revel in newfound energy, encouraging more joyful and active interactions.

  3. Contentment: Revel in the contentment of witnessing your pet's worries melt away. CBD's natural properties nurture contentedness, leading to more peaceful moments for both you and your furry companion.

Usage: Administering our CBD Pet Tincture is effortless. Simply add the recommended dosage to your pet's food or directly into their mouth. Begin with a lower dose and gradually adjust as needed, observing how your pet responds.

Prioritize your pet's well-being with our CBD Pet Tincture – a natural source of serenity, vitality, and comfort. Elevate their quality of life and forge an unbreakable bond through the gift of holistic care.

1000mg, 33mg per serving

Pet Tinctures work as a daily supplement to support and promote the overall wellness of your pet.


 *Please be aware that once your order is handed off to the courier for delivery, the conditions and handling of the package are beyond our control. Please understand that we are unable to offer refunds, replacements, or compensation for products that melt during transit as this is a circumstance beyond our control.*

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HS Pet Tincture 1000mg